5 Tips On Child Security And Safety For Toddlers

Child security and safety for toddlers

Child Security Tips For Toddlers


Your baby is growing and started walking or crawling the baby steps? Time for some additional safety measures!!


1. Tips To Child Security And Baby Proof Your House. 

A. If you have stairs, add a gate to every floor entrance so that the child cannot reach the stairs without your presence.


B. Secure all sharp edges like corners of tables, shelves etc., where baby can reach.


C. Cover all plug points within the baby’s reach.


D. Keep all chemicals, insecticides, and medicines out of reach. I used to lock these stuff in the store and be at peace. 


E. Keep all washroom doors closed properly when not in use. Ensure bathtubs are empty when not used and are not kept unattended when filled.


F. Keep heavy and sharp objects out of reach.


G. Use a cable organizer and keep them tucked away. Toddlers should not play with wires or anything similar to avoid strangulating themselves.



2. Toddler Tracking And Child Security

Tracking your toddler brings peace of mind. It has become essential these days with nuclear families. Parents are busy and always looking for help to watch on kids. This becomes even more difficult when your baby gets mobile and starts crawling and walking with unstable baby steps. Won’t you feel a bit relaxed if you could track your toddler? Here are a few ideas I used myself and some I saw my friends doing.


Different ways to track your toddler:


  • Have something in the Child’s body that makes soothing sounds while the kid moves like an anklet. This way, you will know where is he. 

  • Camera can also do the job well if you install this. These days we have wireless cams, and you can place them in strategic positions and monitor your ever-moving toddler.

  • GPS tracker. This is particularly helpful if you go out. 

3. Ways To Keep Your Toddler Away From Choking Hazards And Ensure Child Safety


1. Keep small objects like marbles, coins, screws, etc., out of toddlers’ reach.


2. Children of this age often tend to put everything in their mouths. This has choking hazards and can carry various infections and germs.


3.If you notice this habit in your Child, immediately start discouraging. With constant intervention, children this age tend to come out of practice.

You can talk to them or put away the object. This way, she will know this is not to be done.


4.Keep her water available near her always.


5. Do not allow playing and running while having food. This can lead to choking.


6.Do not give whole seeds and nuts to toddlers. Crush and give.


7. Make sure the food you are serving is not dry. I have seen toddlers given fried rice or mashed potatoes all by themselves. Try to pair them with a soup or juice.


8. Do not keep toys scattered all around the house. This is a usual scenario with a toddler at home, but clean up immediately and allow a certain period to play with toys and not the entire day. This way, kids look forward to playtime and don’t scatter things around the whole house.

4. Simple Ways To Safeguard your toddler from falls and other playtime injuries


1. Dress up the kid in full sleeve tees and full pants while at the park. This way, a layer of cover and shocks from minor falls can be absorbed by her clothing.

2. When your Child starts running initially, her steps will still be wobbly. Use knee and elbow pads. This will reduce injury from falls to a great extent.

3. Use covered sports shoes while at play outdoors.

4. Keep first aid ready at home always.

5. It is extremely important to trim your toddler-age kid’s nails regularly. Do this as a ritual every week at least once. They tend to scratch themselves or others while playing very often. I had personally witnessed incidents when a child accidentally crossed another child near the eye area, which started bleeding. Their skin is fragile, and the slightest injury can cause bleeding and pain.

5. Never have an unattended toddler playing outdoors. 

Try not to have unsupervised helpers outdoors for a longer period with your toddler. I am not asking you not to trust your help, but at this age, often parents understand the child better than anybody else, and this is needed for your kid till around 4/5 years of age.



Parenting is hard enough, but it can feel downright impossible at times when you add a toddler into the mix. And, honestly, what parent hasn’t felt overwhelmed in their child’s life?


Child safety and security are paramount concerns for parents, especially when children are toddlers. Parents must protect their children at all times, especially when they are unsupervised. However, many parents do not take the necessary precautions to prevent their children from getting into dangerous situations. This article highlights some important safety tips for parents on child security and safety for toddlers.


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