Birthday party themes for girls

birthday party theme for girls

1. Your girl's favorite cartoon theme

Let your girl choose her favourite cartoon / animated character and you build a birthday party theme around it. Have the birthday cake made of the character. This will surely excite your girl and she will be happy to show off her birthday cake to her friends!

If possible buy decorations around the animated character or at least have the birthday decorations in colors of similar shades. Get plates and cutleries of same animated character drawn on them( you get these in many cartoon characters these days). In case you don’t get it, try them again in similar color shades. Have tablecloths and other linen too of similar shades.

Try to have your princess dress up in similar shades from the theme character and accessories her with stuff that matches the theme.

Let her friends enjoy the birthday theme along with the birthday girl and let your girl remember this birthday forever!

2. No fire cooking theme

Birthday parties are fun and hassle free if you let your child have something to do with her friends that they enjoy in a group. You just need to arrange and tell them the rules of the activity.

One such fun and skill development fun activity for kids is cooking. Obviously it is not advisable to involve them in cooking with fire, especially if they are the younger lot. You can have a birthday party theme with “no fire cooking”. Fix a menu which they can assemble, bake or mix to make something interesting and yummy!

You can think of various kinds of sandwiches, pizzas, cakes, etc that need no fire But taste good. The girls will be happily spending their time doing this and you can sit and watch! All you need to do is do the prep for the food and leave it to the girls to enjoy.

No fire cooking birthday party theme might make the participants a little bit interested in this essential life skill too. Especially when kids participate in group activities that’s a bit unusual, they enjoy it often. They may try similar things at home and will remember this birthday party theme for girls.

3. Paint the Tee theme

Buy plain white tee shirts for each participant and keep acrylic colors or oil paints ready. If you have some time in hand you can trace some designs on the tees and let the girls paint! Else you can also ask them to trace themselves and paint the tees. Kids who are creative would love to do this else they would just enjoy the togetherness and surely do their best form off at this birthday party!

The birthday theme for girls should be full of buzzing activities just like this one. You will feel the excitement with this too and would be great if you join them in this creation with one more tee shirt yourself…just for fun!

4. Storytelling theme

Birthday party themes for girls are always a hit with story time. You can do this in many ways. Hire a professional storyteller and let it be done professionally. Especially if your girl is a toddler or just started going to school, hiring a professional storyteller for her birthday party makes sense. They know the ways to keep small children engaged enthusiastically.

Alternatively you can make all the girls sit in a circle and instruct them to tell a story one by one till they all complete one round. You can ask them to tell stories around a particular theme like a horror story or a fairy tale or a moral story etc.

This session will be enjoyed by kids of all ages and their exchange of stories and ideas will boost their confidence in public speaking too. It is a fantastic way to engage kids fruitfully while they have great fun!

5. DIY Birthday Party Themes For Girls

This birthday theme can be lots of fun, innovative and creative too. You can give them something that they can do themselves. For example you can ask them to make a stuffed toy. Provide them the materials and give them a demo if you can. There are various tutorials that you can refer to for children of different ages. You can also show them a video on how to make the item.

6. Movie night theme

Do a movie night for your kids birthday. Choose movies as per your kids age and liking or from our list of top 20 English movies for kids. They will all sit together for a few hours happily . Serve them some snacks and drink along to make them extra happy.

7. Make up your friend theme

This a great birthday party checklist for girls of any age and really interesting one. Divide the group in pairs and let them make up each other.
If you want to make it more interesting, you can blindfold them and ask each to makeup her friend. Once done, open the blindfold and see how they burst out laughing!

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