A diet can be highly effective, but if you do not get the correct information on structure one, you will not be able to use it as effectively as you would like.

According to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, children need to be as healthy as possible to learn, grow, and develop. This means that they need to be fed nutritious foods and snacks and have access to healthy activities. Because of the unique nutritional needs of children, some nutritionists specialize in the care of children. These professionals ensure that children have access to the foods and dietary supplements (if needed) that they need to be healthy.

With the high cost of health care and related expenses, parents need to learn about nutrition and improve their children’s health. Health is a significant factor in the well-being of children and their families. Child nutrition is a branch of child health that covers children’s nutritional, physical, and psychological development until the age of 18 and concerns adults’ and families’ health.

Prachi Datar Pendurkar
(Prachi is India’s first Holistic Sleep coach. She has qualified from OCN, London.) ​

She is an advanced certified Lactation professional. Has first hand experience in Kangaroo mother care and is a certified Baby-wearing educator.

Responsibility of Parent's in Kids Nutrition

Parents care deeply about their children and want them happy and healthy. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their child gets the proper nutrition to grow up healthy and strong. Without adequate nutrition, the child won’t grow well and eventually become unproductive, small, and unhealthy. The child will become underweight, which can impact their health and affect their ability to concentrate. However, being overweight can hurt the child’s health and affect their grades. Child nutrition is an essential part of a child’s development. Parents should ensure their child’s nutrition is healthy and balanced. According to some studies, parents can be the nutrition expert for their children and help them navigate all aspects of nutrition. But in some cases it is not possible to give the nutrition advices properly to your own children . So if you find the situation so hard .Book a free consultation from My Pingpong experts. The Nutritionist specialists are so good at taking care of the kids as they are very well experienced in this and it will help to decrease the nervousness of your kids.