Child Security And Safety Measures For The New-born

Child Security And Safety Measures For The New-born

Child Security And Child Safety Tips For The New-born

I know being a parent myself, Safety of the baby is the biggest priority in a household. Parents often do things instinctively to ensure safety of their baby. However there are certain factors which when taken care off will ensure automatic care of your baby. These are just ideas and experiences of parents that I am pointing out. It is better to be ready and informed.


1. Within few days of you becoming a parent for the first time, you will gain the expertise of holding a baby. Your hospital will help you in the first few days and show you the perfect hold.


You need to take care to support babies head as her neck muscles are yet to get strong.


2. Do not lay the baby before burping to avoid chocking. Babies food pipe is narrow and may cause reflux. If you lay baby immediately after a feed or before she burps, a relux can cause the bay choke.


3. Always use protection like a mosquito net first few months of baby. This also protects baby from insects etc which my invade homes at times. Also change babies sheets everyday the first few months. Though diapers are a savior, the smell of poop and pee or slight touch of dirty diapers might attract insects and fungi like stuffs.


4. Do not leave baby unattended with pets initially.


5. Do not keep bed sheets, comforters ,strings etc. There have been  instances where babies suffocated themselves while kicking and playing.


6. It is a good idea to get a baby monitor. You can check on your baby even while not being physically present in the same room.


7. If you use a baby carrier / stroller, make sure you buy a sturdy one. Do not carry anything in the stroller/carrier that can mess up the balance like heavy bags or heavy bottles etc.


8. Bathing a new born can be quite a task initial few days for a new parent. Get yourself trained first. Observe the nurse/care provider initial few days and remember the technique. Alternatively you can request an experienced person in the family to guide you first few days. The idea is to take care that babies head is always above water while you yourself support her neck.


9. Try to use organic or home made baby products. This protects the delicate skin of baby from chemicals. Chemicals can cause skin problems and sometimes allergies in new borns. Some of my personal favorite home made baby care products I used for both my children are:


  • OIL – Organic mustard oil in winters and extra virgin coconut oil in summers. Massaging mustard oil is said to produce a warm effect and coconut oil is cool in nature. Traditionally, it is said that the right massage with the right oil seasonally can prevent children from seasonal recurring problems like cold and cough in winters and rashes and itching during summers.


  • CREAM / MOISTURIZER – Extra virgin coconut oil, aloe vera gel and few drops of rose water. It needs a good mix and stored the mixture in a glass jar. To be made in small batches every week and apply on the baby.


  • SOAP / CLEANSER – I used Besan (fried gram powder) and fresh cream mixture with a drop of antiseptic liquid like salon to clean up my baby’s body. According to me it gave amazing results.


In case you find this too hassle some or you are too busy for making home made baby care products, you can avail organic products recommended for babies.


10. If you are a mom and breast feeding at night, be careful. You should not accidentally suffocate baby as you may be very drowsy at times. Position baby properly. It is not a good idea to lie down with baby and breast feeding when you yourself are drowsy.


11. Restrict too many people from touching your baby for the first one month. The person who touches the baby should sanitize himself / herself, Change clothes if they have spend a few hours outdoors.



As a parent, we know you want nothing but the best for your baby. But how does one go about creating a safe, secure environment for the child?


The Best Child Security And Safety Measures For The New-born – My Pingpong!!!

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