Read below about our popular panelists who help thousands of parents throughout the year to overcome specific issues related to children.

We offer online services through this website for consultation. But should you require to see our professionals in person for services, please fill the contact form and we will guide you.

Our consultants are parents themselves too….and they see your needs beyond being just professionals…They are ready to help you and share their expertise with you in your journet to parenthood.

They are well qualified and experienced and we have chosen them because they are admired in their fraternity. We hope they will guide you to the best and help you with your child to overcome the difficult times.

Read about our pediatric consultants from bangalore below before contacting them.

Dr. Radhika Ananthakrishna
MBBS, Karnataka, Bangalore. MD, Paediatrics, New York, USA ​

is a well known practicing pediatrician based out of Bangalore, currently associated with one of the most prominent hospitals in Bangalore in the pediatric department.

She has practiced in US as well as India. She has an extensive clinical experience of 8 years treating children.

She is soft and gentle with children making it easier for parents.

Dr. Radhika Poovaiah
(Speech language pathologist and US board certified behavior analyst. Consultant for communication problem, children and adults, ABA therapy for children with autism)

is a well known speech pathologist and a behavior analyst.

She is based out of Bangalore. Dr. Radhika has an extensive experience of more than 30 years in dealing with children who struggle with speech and hearing.

She has been practicing with kids with different abilities on communication.

She is a well known name in her field and very helpful as a personality making it easy for the parents with children having communication issues.

Prachi Datar Pendurkar
(Prachi is India’s first Holistic Sleep coach. She has qualified from OCN, London.) ​

She is an advanced certified Lactation professional. Has first hand experience in Kangaroo mother care and is a certified Baby-wearing educator

She has been working with new parents since 2016. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant, she took up this route as she is passionate about the early years of parenting

practices. Her unique skill set and experience of mothering twins in a nuclear set up, adds a lot of value to her advice.

Dr. Priyanka Khandelwal
(Child Nutritionist & Speciality dietitian)

She has more than 13yrs of practicing experience in consultations, foodservice management and Managing nutritional needs of children through personalized and balanced nutrition and diet.

Her program covers children from 0-16 years of age and it strikes a perfect balance between the child’s food preferences and the nutritional needs to help build a strong foundation of health and immunity and most importantly raise them as ‘Mindful Eaters’.

Her program also helps and aid parent to learn, unlearn/rethink and learn again with changing needs of time and age and know right choices to decide.

Priyanka is a practicing professional Nutritionist and,  Wellness Coach with a graduation in Dietetics, PGDin Sports Science & Nutrition and Certified Diabetes Educator by American Medical Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a child specialist consultation improve your child's life?

A child specialist consultation provides education, resources, and support to families. By bringing a child specialist into your home, your child can receive specialized care. These specialists provide physical, speech, and occupational therapy, as well as psychological or psychiatric services.

2. What is the best way to get child specialist consultation?

Child specialists are experts in developmental and behavioral disorders. You can get your child evaluated by a Child Specialist by calling 1-800-448-9444.

3. What can I do to get my child to stop throwing tantrums?

If your child throws tantrums, you should give him time to cool off and give him some time to himself. Get him involved in the family. Because kids learn by example, make sure you remain calm, and that you give your child time to calm down.