Importance of communication development in infants

Importance of communication development in infants

Parents spend  most of the time with children the first few years of their life. This is the reason why parents have maximum influence on children as well. If parents communicate well as a family, this trait usually is followed by the younger generation as well. Here are some facts about effective communication development with children.

Why do we need an effective means of communication for kids?

Proper communication is vital for a child’s communication development right from infancy. This helps the child in many ways like:

– Learning to communicate themselves

– Understand what someone is trying to say

– Become more expressive

– Better writing capabilities when they grow up

– Be attentive and better listening skills

What happens if we do not establish the correct method for communicating with children?

– Children are in many ways more vulnerable than adults. Communicating with children is one of the most important factors with which we can access a child’s needs.

– Without proper communication channel with kids, they may become quiet, introvert and overly sensitive 

– Children sometimes develop a sense of fear and uneasiness as they do not understand how to express themselves. Such children slowly grow up to be unapproachable and sometimes rebellious

– When we do not have a proper means of communication for kids, they sometimes lag behind in thinking skills and written communication as well

– It may affect their academics as well

– Not having a proper means of communication for kids may lead to distancing from parents, siblings, friends and relatives in extreme cases.

– Some children may become lonely and prone to substance abuse  in teenage or adulthood, simply because they develop a sense of insecurity 

How to talk to kids?

How to talk to kids? Some basic rules have to be followed everywhere, be it at home or workplace. These rules are actually silent teachers for kids. They start following unconsciously and get to be better communicators in future.

– Listening actively to kids, without any distraction of gadgets, music or listening to anyone else simultaneously. This is the first rule. Listen to them before you expect them to listen to you.

– Find time out to talk to them. With this busy business world, sometimes parents miss out on connecting with their children on a one on one basis.

– Talk to them regularly and about everything that they like or dislike. This encourages them to talk

– Talk to them slowly and not on a high pitch

Communication skills for kids

Communication skills for kids can be developed from early childhood. You can enroll them in special classes, play various games or ensure that they  develop interest towards good reading material. There are various ways to ensure that this happens.

Parents need to be constantly encouraging children to communicate in various ways. Some such wonderful ways to improve communication skills in children are here

How many ways are there to predict a child’s need

– Observe their behaviors closely

– Talk to them

– Notice if there are any behavioral changes

– Keep a track of their academics

– Be in touch with a few of their friends and their parents

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