If you cannot find any such school locally, you can go for the best cooking class in Bangalore, My Pingpong. They have a quality trainer who is professional in cooking classes. The trainer’s name is Mrs. Vaishali Sawant, and she is also a Home Baker & Chef, so she quickly understands kids how to start with recipes and preparation in the most straightforward method. The main advantage of cooking sessions is that they will help build their confidence level when they become adults.
It is essential that when they start playing with food, kids learn how to make healthy foods because they get used to eating junk at home or outside. It would be better if parents give time to kids and make them feel comfortable about asking questions related to different ingredients they use in cooking food; this will help kids ask valid questions even in front of others without hesitation.


What will include in cooking class sessions, and How will it be helpful for kids?

Cooking can be a great way to introduce children to new foods and cooking techniques. Kids love the chance to play with food, and it is also an easy way for parents or educators to teach about science, math, literacy, and other skills along the way.

Please enroll your kid in a cooking school where they can learn more about cooking and get some practical knowledge of experimenting with different foods. Fortunately, there are many such schools available nowadays that offer such services so that kids can benefit from learning something new through practical hands-on experience by enrolling them in cooking classes for kids.

It is easy for the schools to organize different activities to make the children enjoy the class more and keep them active in all possible ways. Still, organizing isn’t easy as it seems because you must be very careful while choosing a cooking school for your kid so that he gets proper guidance from experienced professionals who have been teaching students not only cooking techniques but also life skills for a long time. Please choose a school that will offer its service on weekends so that you give your child and give him a chance to enjoy his weekend with friends in some other activities.

Vaishali is a Bangalore based passionate baker and a Home Chef. She brings you healthy and easy bakes and super tasty snacks using traditional recipes passed down from generations. Vaishali also conducts workshops/cooking classes  for kids. You can contact her for home-made goodies or cooking lessons for your child if they are 5+ years

Vaishali Sawant
Home Baker & Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In a cooking class for kids, do you teach them how to make something, or do you teach them how to cook?

Cooking is a skill that is designed to be taught over a period of time. You teach kids how to cook by showing them how to prepare recipes. Then you teach them how to cook, by showing them how to cook step-by-step. When kids learn how to bake a cake, they are learning how to bake a cake. You teach them how to cook that cake.

2. What kind of kids are perfect for cooking classes?

All children are perfect! Children of all ages are welcome to attend, but classes work best when children are between the ages of 4 and 12. Cooking classes for children ages 4 to 12 years old are a great group experience.Young children love learning to cook. They love the hands-on aspect of it, and they learn a lot.

3. How do I teach my child to cook?

Cook together! The joy of getting children can cook when you involve them in the process. Get them involved with picking the foods, cutting, chopping, mixing, and baking.