Early childhood education is a parents priority once kids start growing. One has to plan for their early childhood education. Then one need to plan kids higher education and then about kids lifestyles till they are completely on their own.

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There are various factors between each stage. The monetary planning, the guidance required, the time that needs to be spent on them and so on…

Early childhood education is something that has so many factors involved. Children very often struggle with things like concentration or communication , learning, speech or so many more….

As parents, we have to look for ways to support them to overcome the problems.

There are a few common factors which may affect kids and it is wise for parents to pay attention to these things. If proper attention is paid to few basic aspects of education during growing years, actually life becomes easier for both parents and children.

Here are a few pointers that may make your parental journey smoother and easier…

1.Childhood education and Concentration

Generally a child can concentrate up to 2 to 5 minutes per year of age. If we go by this, following pattern generally works for kids by their age: and so on…. The various factors which may contribute to distraction in anyone can be mainly contributed to the following:
1 3 to 5 min
2 4 to 10 min
3 6 to 15 min
4 8 to 20 min
5 10 to 25 min
6 12 to 30 min

All of us get distracted and loose our concentration at times. As attention span of children are lesser naturally, we may feel they are loosing concentration quickly.

But it is always a plus and better for all of us if we have better concentration and attention span as it makes the task at hand easier and we are able to complete our tasks on time.

If you want to help your child improve their capability to pay attention , you can train their brain to do so.

There is an interesting article on how training kids to balance better helps them with concentration. You can go through this article in parents.com

Here are a few things that you could do to improve their attentiveness.

2. How to improve communication skills in children

Early childhood education for children, is not only about getting a concept right or sharpening their memory, it is also about development of communication skills in all form.

Early childhood education & effective communication skills

The child may be fast in  grabbing concepts but training them to express their concepts in speech and writing is also equally important and we can do it.

Communication skill is perhaps the most sought after skill in today’s day and age.

As modes of communication change over time with technology, we cannot forget that human communication skill ultimately drives all forms of communication.
It is important to be a good speaker.

Some have oratory skills as a gift from childhood. However all of us are not that lucky. But we can surely train from childhood to improve our given levels of communication just like any other.

To learn more about parent child communication, you can go through the article published in the child development institute.

To train your child to better speaking and writing skills, click the link below to see interesting activities to improve communication.

To train your child to better speaking and writing skills, click the link to see interesting activities to improve communication.

3. Importance of early childhood education

As a child grows up and enters toddler age, education becomes priority. This is a new phase where a child enters school life. 

How do you prepare your child for school?

How do you prepare your child to adapt to the education

Importance of education is not only about learning or gaining knowledge.

It is also about facing competition with the right mindset, getting along with peers, handling pressure, accepting failure and turning back and never giving up!

A child generally adapts to school life on their own in their own pace. But there are certain guidelines we can follow as parents to help them through this journey as well.

There are many aspects that you can handle and train their brains to get better. Education is important to build skill sets.

and so on. 

A child also learns to understand correlation between things and enhances her problem solving skills in school.

If schooling is disrupted , education and overall growth of young children too will be disrupted.

There may be alternate ways of education like home schooling, but we are talking about the most common education system here.

A pandemic has stalled all schools across the globe every now and then and it is sad to see a large section of kids of various ages without the joy of physical classroom learning and fun with friends!

A pandemic has stalled all schools across the globe every now and then and it is sad to see a large section of kids of various ages without the joy of physical classroom learning and fun with friends!

4. Money management for kid

Teaching management of finances is often ignored during a child’s growing years. 

In recent times it has become a necessity if you want the child to understand the game of money making and management not risking his other aspects in life.

We all want our children to rise and shine. Along with schooling and extra curricular, this factor needs to be imbibed too….all said and done, money plays an important role in life.

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