Exam stress and how to overcome exam fear

Exam Fear

Exam stress is common, So how to overcome exam fear?

Many children are stressed out before and during the exams. For some children, it  just happens because they are scared of examinations , while some children may have severe anxiety. Depending on the child’s age, parents can help children handle this and slowly get to the fact that exams are just a measure to test the learning skills while bettering the knowledge level. Exams come in many forms throughout life, and school exams prepare students for the future. Let us check out some ways to beat the fear of exams. Good examination results are a function of a few broad factors in most cases:

Students need to work on the “Exam fear notes” as below…

A. Analytical skills 

B. Memory power

C. Regular practice

D. Alertness

If you are wondering how to reduce exam pressure of your children, work on the above pointers;

When these are taken care of, students should not be having trouble facing examinations. Parents can guide children to practice the following to be free from exam stress.

Prepare to beat exam stress and overcome exam fear

Fear of exams can be handled with good preparation and strategic revision of the subjects. The trick starts with carefully scanning the test dates at least 45 days before the exam and planning to prepare various topics.

All students are more potent in certain areas than others. Give more time to the weaknesses initially. The more vital points usually take less time to prep. Analytical portions should be done regularly for some time as these need the practice to solve them faster accurately.

Have a personal weekly timetable just like the school does. This should be meant to prepare all subjects weekly in rotation, keeping in mind your requirement, strengths and weaknesses, exam dates, and understanding of the subjects.

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How to prepare well & reduce exam fear?

Solve previous years’ question papers/ mock tests to be more confident and get used to the help pattern. Many students follow this method to check how much they scored with the previous year’s papers.

This gives an idea, where one needs to focus. Solving past 5 year’s test papers can boost confidence and prepare with ease. You need to solve these papers within the time given and accurately.

Most of the previous year’s papers/ mock tests will have the answers given. So one can check where exactly they stand! This is, of course, applicable to the higher grades!

Physical agility helps students focus better and reduce stress

Increase attention span and prepare with a stronger and more focused mind. Children of all ages should play any sport of their choice so that they sweat. Sport is the best form of exercise for children, and during exams, physical agility helps release a hormone called “dopamine,” which makes one feel happy, content and brings about a sense of achievement. This state of mind is good for concentration and the ability to think.

Children may get a bit tired initially, but slowly their body gets adjusted to the exercise. Students may skip this during exams if there is a lack of time or energy, but the practice is just a few months before preparing exams to keep the mons agile, alert, and focused. Therefore in a way, exercise helps children handle exam stress.


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Rest well to prepare better for exams

Go to sleep early, wake up early – In general, it is a good habit for all to go to bed early and wake up early. This habit ensures that we have rested enough to face the next day with full enthusiasm. For children, this is essential. Kids who do not relax well or go to sleep late are easily agitated, cranky, cannot concentrate, and have a lower attention span. It isn’t easy to have a sound sleep during the day with the rest of the world doing things around and the Sun above us. Less sleep is detrimental during exam preparation. However, we all have our own “best hours,” children who are still growing and should practice good habits from childhood.

Eat well and on time

Most of us know this, but with the busy schedule and hassle of the day, we tend to forget and given less importance as the ill effects do not immediately appear.
Especially for the kids, short food intake, eating junk, refusing to eat healthily, and not feeling hungry on time. It is sad and unhealthy in the long run. The onus is on parents to see that they are nutritionally well reserved and eat on time most days in a week, feel hungry on time and have a healthy gut. Also try to eat health nutritional foods in the diet.
An unhealthy gut leads to various problems and affects the ability of children physically and mentally. Parents need a holistic approach to keep away anxiety from exams, and keeping children in good health is a priority.

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Hydration is important

Let the child not get tired, lethargic, and irritable due to lack of hydration. Enough water or liquids keep up the energy levels and, if possible, keep the kids hydrated with nutritious seasonal juices that keep them in good spirits as well. The idea is to keep them feeling good while they put long hours into studies.

Regularly practice Yoga to feel the magic

It is recommended that kids do age-related yoga/meditation or at least “suryanamashkar” each day to keep the body and mind aligned. If done consistently, it is sure to keep children relaxed and increase concentration and alertness that helps during the exam season.

Yoga and meditation
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Interact with friends

‘FRIENDS,’ the very word somewhere, lights up our minds no matter what age we are. Friends are people we can open up to, share our experiences, and discuss our fears. Children are no exception. While the kid is preparing for exams, encourage them to talk to friends for a while. In the process, they feel reassured that they are not the only one who fears exams. Also, they come to terms with reality while they may discuss academics at times. They realize where they stand, exchange ideas, and keep the preparation their priority. Peer pressure is not always insufficient to take in proper perspective. Peer pressure can push your child towards their true potential.

Exam fear online test

 If the exam is online, prepare for the technicalities ahead. Usually, the authority conducting the exam will make sure that they prepare the wards regarding the pattern of the online exams. They would send emails or conduct mock tests to get the students aligned to the design of the exam and its technical aspects. Exam stress can be greatly reduced if the student is aware and prepared for the pattern and technicalities of online tests.

The moral of the story is to reduce stress of any kind, and you have to understand and eliminate most of the factors that cause the stress. Especially when it is related to children, some help from parents to understand these factors and continuous efforts to prepare can reduce exam stress to a great extent.

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So, be friendly, know where your wards stand, help them prepare well in advance, boost their confidence level, take extra care of their health to get rid of the fear of exams that bother children across the globe at all times.

Happy parenting!

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