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Learn How to Write Better

It’s been scientifically proven that writing with a pen/pencil stimulates the brain more than typing. Moreover, handwriting enhances brain development by promoting motor abilities, reasoning, and coordination. Handwriting is an essential skill for kids, and plenty of great handwriting classes are available in Bangalore.

As per Steve Graham’s research findings:

“Most primary school teachers think that pupils who took handwriting instruction and demonstrated fluency generated more and better quality written work, which led to higher grades..”

Make Handwriting Fun and Easy with the Best Handwriting Classes for Kids

Enrolling your child in handwriting classes for kids in Bangalore has many benefits. It can aid their confidence-building, fine motor skill development, and writing improvement. Here are a few arguments in case you are still not convinced about how vital legible handwriting is.

  • Aids in the Proper Identification, Learning, and Creation of Letters.

Each phonetics has a unique design and production process. Children must follow that particular style from the beginning when writing. If done correctly, it gives children the chance to understand each alphabet and give it its perfect name, enhancing their learning. In the end, the efforts improve the handwriting’s legibility.

  • Heightened Neuronal Activity

The brain instructs the hand to perform a combination of specific actions each time a child writes. Both sides of the brain are in harmony due to the activation of the coordination between the brain and motor processes. But that’s not all writing has proven to be beneficial in improving various psychological functions.

  • Assists in ADHD.

Children with conditions like Dyslexia and Dysgraphia have trouble when it comes to grasping letters. They might mix up letters with similar forms and formation methods, such as the letters “b” and “d.” Thus, practicing writing with diagrams, symbols, graphs, drawings, etc., enables children to overcome their dyslexic inclinations quickly.

  • Develop spatial and visual skills.

Correct spacing between letters and words is crucial to attaining good and legible handwriting. Regular handwriting practice aids in developing spatial abilities, improving visualization, reading comprehension, recall, and memorization.

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