Importance of Kid’s Education

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[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Importance of education for years ahead and what parents should know[/su_heading]

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As soon as your baby turns around 2.5/3 years old, You start thinking about child education and schooling. That is the importance of education in our lives.

Well…most of us do that.

But is it a decision that we make because that’s the norm? or we actually try to understand the benefits of early childhood education.

I am writing this article because I realized that every child has different abilities and if we think in a structured manner we might be able to decide better on our Child’s early education choices.

It is not just about sending them to school.

It is about how the education is benefiting them and as per your child’s abilities or what kind of schooling is best.

There are various facets to the education system and we as parents should at least know, how it is benefiting my child OR not benefiting my child.

Choosing the right kind of school for your Kid’s education in early years is very important as this acts as a foundation to the years to come.

Let us see the importance of education in the early years of a child.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Preparing the child to adapt to education system ahead[/su_heading]

Is only formal education that is school/college important for a Child? Of-course not.

But definitely this is one of the very important reason which prepares your kiddo for years to come.

It sets an expectation within your Childs personality that he/she understands what to expect in times to come. 

There is a structure in schools and specially schools for young ones. The significance of education starts as early as a child toddles.

Everything in school is done in a routine and it is done in a very persistent manner where somebody corrects your child if he/she goes wrong.

Your child gets the correct push if he shows talent and course correction is done where it is needed. This is important and may be difficult for you as a parent all the time.

This entire system of disciplined and persistent efforts on academics ,extra curricular and repeated activities to improve their communication skills,help you to know your Childs talents or weaknesses.

Most school take special care if they find a child specially abled in anything.

Also they report to you once they feel the child has a problem somewhere.

 You can course correct it.

This entire activity over several years help you and your child to adapt to the education system ahead and your child learns what will make him excel in his field.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Importance of education in preparing the child for the competition ahead[/su_heading]

Competition is inevitable these days but it is important to take competition in the right spirit.

Kids should learn to be competitive but in a healthy way. Significance of education lies in shaping up behaviour as well.

The involvement of sports , extra curricular activities along with academics, with the same set of kids plays a very important role in shaping your Childs character.

They learn that they will win and they will loose.

They will learn not to give up after loosing every time and try again. 

This understanding will develop to use not only in sports and extra curricular but also in academics too.

A child who does not do well in academics may do well in swimming.

Her self esteem is boosted in one way and he develops to be a confident human being even if academics is not for him/her. 

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Because education is structured in school, kids know that they cannot give up.

I have seen many students evolve over a period of time and this happens due to the structure and persistence in the system with monitoring.

Competition in school makes them try harder and win.

During the early years of life, they learn to take the spirit of competitiveness with various fun activities and this also teaches them that competition is also often FUN!!

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Importance of education in preparing your child to be a team player [/su_heading]

Since in a formal school environment, your child is spending a considerable time doing various activities with so many other children, He/she learns to be a team player.

They learn how to conduct themselves within a group of peers and elders.

They learn that people have different abilities and that all everyone is special in their own way. Leadership skills and oratory skills are also developed in the early years of ones school life.

Being a team player is as important as being intelligent, talented and successful. Specially in todays time.

Early year schooling has different activities like quizzes, games, show and tell, go as you like etc, which slowly makes them a team player. Also the structured curriculum of schools that it makes them a team player.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Preparing the child to learn to accept failure at different levels [/su_heading]

School is a place where kids learn acceptance. Not everybody is good at everything. But in my opinion it is good to see people around you who are good at things that you may not be able to do that way.

This way our little babies also learn to try hard and may even become as good with time. Acceptance of failure is good as long as you teach your child to work harder. They should not accept to think that its fine and nothing more is required.

Since in school they need to maintain their standards, children learn to accept failure at different stages and evolve. Try and try till you succeed. In early years, we have all done that, right. Do we all remember, trying to write an alphabet correctly over and over again because our friend sitting next to us has mastered writing it perfectly? Most of us have done that.

If you think minutely, it is a kind of failure that we have accepted, and tried and tried again till we mastered it. Children learn through these small events in life and definitely school plays a very important role in teaching you to accept failure the right way and take action.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Preparing the child to understand their strengths and weaknesses [/su_heading]

Each of has strengths and weaknesses including kids. School is definitely a place where kids realize that they are better at certain things and no so good at another. 

They not only understand but also come to terms with the fact that they need to balance out life.

Work on your strengths to get stronger and work on your weakness to make it better. Since at school there is no way out, Kids often try harder and often immerse winners in few years time. This is important. This is how they will lead life over all. 

I feel this is basically a life skill. In early school you learn how to work on your skills. Our budding talents try their hands on several things and finally get into something that really interests them. Early school does this very important job in life of our kids very well.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Importance of education in building skillsets[/su_heading]

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Concentration[/su_heading]

years + off formal education definitely develops concentration in children. Formal education from early childhood gets kids into a habit of reading, imagination, creativity and development. Childress subconsciously develops concentration doing all these.

Sometimes there may be trouble for some children concentrating. If this is in excess, may you you can consult a specialist to get guidance on how to increase concentration and attention span .

You can engage your child to practice persistent activities to improve concentration. So please follow your specialist if you need.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Memory power[/su_heading]

The more memory is used , the better it becomes. With years of academics and academic related extra curricular, students use memory continuously. This strategic way to train young minds positively is surely one of the importance of education system.

Schooling definitely improves memory power as students need to learn various subjects and appear for assessments as well.

There are various ways of improving memory power in children as well.

Check out the DO’s and DONT’s to boost your childs memory power here.

For example, you can encourage them to play memory games that they  enjoy along with improving concentration, both are related.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Handwriting[/su_heading]

How important is handwriting for a pre schooler? What happens if we do not take care of kids handwriting during the initial years?

Well to cut things small, Handwriting is the most important thing in a Childs early education days. You cannot go wrong with this one. The basic flow of his writing will determine a lot of things. Speed of writing is also related to handwriting to an extent.

Children may be intelligent and have a good memory. Another thing we often ignore as a function to academic success is the “handwriting” which may be a damager to an otherwise talented child.

If the child knows it all but poor at putting it down on paper OR writes so slowly that people around out his credibility, It can really be a big blow on his confidence and academics may also suffer due to this.

It is better that we do take proper care of handwriting from early years and make sure that the child does not neglect handwriting.

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Correlation[/su_heading]

School education and extra-curricular activities in school teaches children to co relate. Right from early childhood children learn subjects like mathematics which helps them learn how to co-relate and what can happen if you correlate things.

For example, if they kick a ball very hard, it goes far and if kicked slowly it’ll not go very far. This is a very simple correlation between speed and distance.

While in early school they do lots of activities, they eventually understand corelation

[su_heading style="default" size="28" align="center" margin="20" id="" class=""]Problem Solving[/su_heading]

Problems can be of various kinds in life and not necessarily academics related.

As children deal with friends and teachers, they face many childhood problems which they learn to handle and overcome in due course.

Fighting, worrying and getting scared is normal for every kid in various situations.

But it is also normal for them to overcome and move on.

They learn this in a school environment and before you know your preschooler will turn to a smart school going kid always inquisitive and ready to learn and face the world.

So let us keep track and watch these beautiful creations of God bloom.

Happy parenting!!

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