Indoor Games For a Birthday Party

Indoor Birthday Party Games

Indoor party games for kids of all ages

For new parents, the first party involving the firstborn is always an overwhelming experience.

Then we all gradually learn to host kiddo parties and gatherings on various occasions.

Birthdays are the biggest gathering of kids usually.

We also do have play dates, festivals and get-togethers where one of the main concerns is to keep the kids busy where they can have fun and be friends.

Here are a few games that you can plan as per your child’s age on various occasions when you have a kids party.

10 Indoor party games for kids 2 to 4 years 

1.Balloon in the Air

This is best played when the number of children is below 10.

You need to have 2 balloons for each child. All children must have both balloons in the air at all times.

If any balloon touches the ground, the child loses the chance to play and sits down.

The child who have both balloons in the air for the longest time wins.

little girl, girl, balloon-1443463.jpg

This becomes a lot of fun with all children trying to hit their balloons together.

However, if you feel this is confusing, you can also set the timing, and each child takes a turn.

If they can have the balloons on air till the end, they get chocolates and play one more chance.

The child who has the maximum chocolates is the winner!!



2. I Spy

It can be played with many children, and it’s more fun with a bigger group. Get the children to sit in a circle.

Now choose any child (preferably the eldest one to start with) who spots an item in the room and says, “I SPY ….”. For example, she says,” I spy a pink flower on a blue shirt”.

This means that an object is present in the room and visible to her. 

The other kids need to spot the same.

girl, kid, cartoon-6132879.jpg

The child who can spot the fastest gets 10 points.

The child who gets the points will have to spy for the next object in the room.

This way, the game continues till it is time up.

The one with the maximum points is the winner of the game!!

This game is usually enjoyed a lot by kids of this age group, and if you get a prize for the winner and announce it while starting the game, you just need to watch the excitement among them to bag the prize!!



3. Maze walking

Tape a part of the floor in a zigzag pattern, so it looks like a maze.

There should be a beginning and an end. The child needs to start from the starting point and reach the end while taking the taped road.

Some roads will not lead to the destination while some will.

If she takes the wrong route, she must return and take another route to reach the destination.

If the child can’t reach on time, she has to sit back!

Can play this game with any number of children, but you need to keep track of time.

maze, puzzle, riddle-1544457.jpg

Make sure others sit at some distance so that they cannot precisely memorize the route but enjoys the game as well!!

Enjoyed by most little ones, there is no scope of any clashes here, and since all children get a chance individually, they all are pretty excited.

To make it more fun, you can give them a toffee when they finish successfully. 

The maze tape complexity depends on the average age of your guests, of course.

Make it in a way that most don’t find too difficult or too easy.


4. Bounce a Ball

This game is exciting and fun. It involves some amount of physical activity, so make sure you plan this towards the beginning of the party when kids are not too tired and can play with enthusiasm. 

Get a right-sized ball that bounces well. Two kids need to play at a time.

The partners together need to ensure that the ball keeps bouncing on the ground at all times within a specific space.

You can draw a circle on the ground where they need to bounce.

They cannot touch each other or hit the ball together.

They are out if they do so. Alternatively, they need to bounce the ball on the ground and make sure it does not go out of the demarcated area.

This is an excellent activity but for kids three and above.

Below 3 they may not understand or action the rules.

This game can be played even by kids from 5 to 6 years age group.

footballer, football, sport-1204089.jpg

You can put on good music while each player is in the space.

This adds another factor of fun to play with music.

Stop the music while any rule is broken.

The pair that can keep bouncing the maximum time wins the game!!



5. Match the pair

 Children this age are just learning new concepts. The concept of ‘similarity and ‘difference’ is also new to them.

It would help if you had different kinds of masks in pairs for this game.

Please put on the masks for all children except one and let them face the wall in a line.

The player(Child not in the mask) has to see the first child’s mask once for 30 seconds and remember how the mask looks.

halloween, witch, mask-160393.jpg

Then the first child again turns to the wall.

The player needs to see the other masks one by one as each child turns for 30 seconds.

She has to find the pair for the first child. She gets only one chance. If she can identify correctly, she gets to stand in place of the first child while the first child becomes the player now.

If she can’t identify the pair on the first chance, she sits, and the first child comes to play. This way, players need to be eliminated, and a winner is declared!!

The winner gets a prize and everyone else their masks!!


6. Spoon Race

This is a classic game and a lot of fun. Have the kids stand in line with a spoon in their mouth.

Have a lemon on each spoon and race.

 They have to balance the lemon while reaching their destination.

Anyone whose lemon falls off the spoon has to sit back.

kawaii children, boy, girl-6081215.jpg

Explain the rules of the game and see kids run while balancing the spoon.

The first one to reach the destination without dropping the lemon wins!!



7. French fry Letters


Give the group a bowl full of fresh French fries and declare a competition to write the first five letters A, B, C, D and E in one minute with the fries.


The one who finishes first will get to eat her share of fries, and the rest will have to give it back!!

See the fun and excitement of the kids with this simple and fun activity!!



8. Memory files

These are simple memory games for fresh and young minds.

Take around ten simple words and write them down on a piece of paper.

Explain to the children that they need to remember the words in the order it is being said.

Now say the words in a particular order clearly and loudly.

You may repeat around 2 to 3 times in the same order as these are tiny kids.

Now the kids need to take a turn and repeat the words in the same order.

Anyone who says all words in correct order gets chocolate!!



9. Hit the target

Have an age-related soft dartboard available.

The darts for this age may be magnetic without sharp pointed ends.

Play a game of dart. Whoever gets closest to the bull’s eye wins!!

Kids usually love this!



10. Musical chair

This is also a typical game that we all enjoy.

Have kid chairs placed in a circle in your hall.

The number of chairs must be one less than the number of players.

Now turn on suitable baby music and let the kids go in a circle along with the chairs.

As soon as the music stops, the kids need to be seated in the chair available nearest.

One kid will be left out, and she needs to sit back. In the next round, remove one chair and let the music repeat the circle of moving kids.

This way, make sure one chair is removed every time one player is left out without a seat.

The last person sitting on a chair is the winner!!


7 Indoor party games for kids 5 to 10 years 




1. Treasure hunt

This game will take your entire party space most likely.

You will need to hide a lucrative gift (The treasure) in a place difficult to find.

But you will give hints of its location in several hidden places throughout the space, which the kids are likely to find easily.

chest, coins, gold-1293748.jpg

Divide the children into teams and let them get to the hints, and follow the instructions through the hints.

The team which finds the treasure is the winner!!



2. Simon Says

Gather all players and make one of them “SIMON”.

“SIMON” needs to be the leader and play with the team.

“SIMON” will ask the entire team to do something….like touch your nose, stamp your left foot, look right and then left etc.

But “SIMON” needs to start the sentence with, “SIMON says…..”. When the sentence starts with “SIMON Says, others are supposed to follow what he asks for; otherwise, not.

boy, book, reding-311392.jpg

Now, If a player still does the action when “SIMON says….” It is not said, the player is out of the game.

Similarly, if the player doesn’t action the command even when the sentence starts with “SIMON says….”, the player is out.

Now the trick is in the speed at which the commands are given.

SIMON needs to be fast in giving commands.

This way, many players will be out soon. The winner is the one who is not out till the end. This player becomes the next “SIMON”.

This is a fun game, and everybody can play though I have listed this with an age group.

3. Bead the necklace

Get different pretty beads and nylon threads to make neckpieces, ear danglers, bracelets, or anklets.

You may find a beading kit from the market as well.

beads, colorful, wooden-3817973.jpg

Let the kids make their accessories, and they will love it.

Children will sit in one place and make their creativity take charge.

In the end, you may declare a prize for the prettiest accessory.



4. Chinese whisper

This is another fun and popular game that can play by almost all the above 5 years.

Let all children sit in a circle. You need to decide on a starting point and let the child decide on a fun sentence that is not very short.

The child needs to whisper the exact words to the next child and turn to the next one.

secret, whispering, ear-3650080.jpg

See the fun and understand how communication lapses work.

In all probability, it will change by the time the sentence travels and comes back to the original person.

Now you need to say the last sentence and see how the kids burst out laughing, realizing where all they heard it wrong!

5. Expressions charades

Take a piece of paper and write down different forms of expression.

For example, some expressions can be happy, sad, confused, excited, crying, disgusted etc.…

Pick one expression and one child.

The child has to enact the expression, and others need to choose which is the expression out of many that the child is enacting.

emoji, smilie, whatsapp-2762568.jpg

The one who guesses first gets the chance to enact next.

Expressions that have already been enacted is struck off.

This is a fun game and also helps children learn expressions!!

learn expressions!!



6. Statue

Put on some music on the floor and ask the kids to dance to their innovative steps.

You will be amused to see different, creative, interested and disinterested forms of creativity!!

girl, confident, portrait-3316342.jpg

Stop the music abruptly, and all the dancers need to transform themselves into statues holding the same position how they were the moment before the music stopped.

Take a few pics and show them later. It is hilarious

It is a lot of fun in a gathering of friends, and kids generally love to hit the floor.

This can also work as an ice breaker at the beginning of the party and gets the kids together.


7. Ball in the cup

Have a big cup or bowl placed on the floor and draw a line 5 feet away from it.

Now give a small ball to one player and ask him to throw the ball in the cup.

If you want to make the game more exciting, you can take three or four balls and ask them to put the ball in the cups in around 45 seconds.

coffee, fall, wallpaper-6487522.jpg

They should not be crossing the line at any point.

Either the ball goes in the cup or doesn’t. Give them one toffee for each hit.

The player who has the maximum hit gets a grand prize.

Simple and yet enjoyable in a gathering of kids.



8. Passing the parcel

We all know this game and children this age surely will love it.

You just need to sit all of them in a circle and give them a small cushion or pillow.

Then turn on that happy music. Let the mood set in, and all players need to pass the cushion to the next player. You can choose a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. 

gift, packed up, wrapped up-1015706.jpg

Let the mood set in with the music and abruptly stop it. The one who has the pillow have to respect others wishes and follow their command.

The other players need to decide what task they will give to the one who has the pillow.

They can ask her to sing, dance, mimic someone, crack a joke or anything. Let the player with the pillow perform for all!!

Fun, Right?


9. Tug Of War

We have all played this game sometime in our childhood, I guess. What fun it was!!

This is also a great game where you form two teams.

With all the members together, both the teams hold on to two ends of the rope and pull the rope towards themselves.

You will, of course, have to mark the centre of the rope.

silhouette, relationship, conflict-3141264.jpg

The team which can pull the rope till the centre and a bit more towards itself is declared the powerful one and of course the winner!!

If the number of children in the group is more, you can form an even number of teams and play a game between them.

The winners can then play among themselves, and finally, one team is the grand winner who gets a prize!!


10. Blind man

Blindfold one child and get them all in space.

The blindfolded child has to find another player who then sits and is considered ‘OUT’.

Make sure the area where they play is safe, and there are no breakable items nearby.



7 Indoor party games for kids 11 to 14 years



1. Movie and movie quiz

This is the age of developing a love for movies.

Prepare a movie quiz on children’s movies well in advance and quiz when all children arrive.

english movies for kids

Serve them some yummy snacks along, and you will have a great time along with the kids.




2. Charades

We all have played this some time or the other. Get the children together. Identify one child to start the game.

The chosen child needs to think of a movie and enact to give hints to the group so that others can guess the movie’s name.

The player is not allowed to speak but only act.

The player who guesses right is the next.

This is a great game to get all children together and play for a long time. 

3. Dance and pick

You need a dance floor with disco lights and a music system in place with a great playlist that your child needs to choose. After all, she will have a better idea about the popular music enjoyed by her age. You also need to have pompoms all over the dance floor. The kids need to dance, pick up the pompoms using their feet, and drop them in a basket next to the dance floor. They can not stop dancing, however.  Set the dance floor on fire and let the kids dance their hearts out. See how funny the moves become when they pick the pompoms and drop them in the bucket. dance, hip, hop-1293064.jpg
You may record the entire session and take some pictures. This serves as great entertainment later. Show them the video when they are snacking, and let them have a blast!

4. Makeover Get some of your old makeup OR buy some basic ones. Now make pairs of all your young guests and blindfold one from each pair. makeup brush, cosmetics, make up-1768790.jpg The blindfolded child has to do makeup on her partner. See the fun when they react to the result at the end of the game. Don’t forget to get some pics!! It’s hilarious!

4. Makeover

Get some of your old makeup OR buy some basic ones.

Now make pairs of all your young guests and blindfold one from each pair.

makeup brush, cosmetics, make up-1768790.jpg

The blindfolded child has to do makeup on her partner.

See the fun when they react to the result at the end of the game.

Don’t forget to get some pics!!

It’s hilarious!





5. Truth OR Dare

Get all children to sit in a circle and place a bottle in the centre of the circle.

The rule goes like this:

One player will spin the bottle. When the bottle stops you, it will face one player.

question mark, who, where-3490199.jpg

The player needs to choose between “TRUTH” or “DARE”.

If she chooses “TRUTH”, she will have to narrate a truth about her life which is a secret.

If she chooses “DARE”, she needs to do a daring act like others in the group decides.

This is a fantastic game and very exciting. Especially love by kids nearing teenage.



6. Antakshari

Kids of this age enjoy a group game standard for all gatherings, and adults can also participate.


You need to divide the players into two groups.

Someone from any group needs to sing a song starting with “M”, and the next singer will be from the other group who has to sing a song starting with the end letter of the last song.

sing, guitar, music-4824406.jpg

This needs to carry on until someone cannot figure out a song with the required letter, and someone from another group sings for them.

The singer’s group is the winning group.


7. Guess the word

There have to be two groups, and each group will write down ten words on a piece of paper.

The starting group will choose one of their words and give a hint to the next group.

There can be five hints in all. If the other group can guess the word correctly with the first hint, they get 5 points.

If they guess the word after two hints, they get 4 points and so on.

For example, let us say the word is “Apple”.

The first hint could be, “A fruit that’s red in colour.”

The second hint can be, “A fruit that’s found commonly in Kashmir.”

singing, kids, child-304617.jpg

The third hint can be,” A fruit that has a story with the great scientist Newton.”

And so on….

The group with the maximum points is the winner.

I hope you can choose one out of these simple games for your next party to engage the kids as per the age of your guests.

It is always a pleasure for parents to have a party where the kids enjoy themselves and are positively engaged at the same time!!

 Happy Parenting!!

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