Kid's Story teller in Bangalore

Do you love telling stories to small children? There are many benefits to being a kids storyteller. Apart from the satisfaction of reading children’s literature, you will also have an opportunity to create your own stories or improvise on existing ones! You will have the chance to re-create childhood experiences through storytelling.

As a kids storyteller, your job will involve reading stories aloud to groups of young children, usually between one and five at any given time. The sessions should range between fifteen minutes to one hour depending on how old the child is and what type of book is being read. These sessions can take place in libraries, bookshops, or schools. You will be responsible for reading the story and ensuring that the children are actively involved by asking questions, drawing pictures of what they imagine happening in the story, etc. This can lead to exciting conversations with older children about metaphorical language; it is always more fun when the kids discover these things themselves rather than overtly pointing them out!

Becoming a kids storyteller also entails improvising on stories that you have already read (i.e., adding sound effects) or creating your own stories involving some of the characters from existing books; some potential scenarios could include re-telling ‘Goldilocks’ but with a surprise ending…maybe she turns out to be a bear! Or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ where the wolf eats Grandma and not Little Red! Another storyteller might create an entirely new story from scratch, perhaps involving a character who gets into many different scrapes.

Some potential benefits to being a kids storyteller include spending time with children, making them laugh, and being exposed to lots of great literature that you would not necessarily have read naturally. It is also an excellent way to get paid for doing something you enjoy. But there are some definite downsides, such as having your creative ideas restricted by writing other people’s stories or improvising on existing ones; if this sounds like too big of a sacrifice for you, then it may be best to find another vocation in which to make a living.

Geetha Ramanujam
Story Teller & Master Trainer

Kids Corner Ideas

Kids storytellers are employed in libraries, bookshops, schools, etc. If you would like to become a kid’s storyteller, it would be beneficial to begin volunteering at a local school or library. This will allow you to learn more about children’s literature and practice your skills before applying for paid work in the future.

There is no formal training for becoming a kids storyteller. Still, you may want to study English Literature or Creative Writing at university to understand the language better and teach yourself anything else that is required from available resources such as books on storytelling techniques. It will also be beneficial if you have played an active role in children’s literature, such as writing and illustrating your own children’s books.

If you enjoy bringing stories to life for children and think that this job may suit you, then explore different options (volunteering at a library or school, etc.) and read up on literacy techniques. If it sounds like the right path for you, try building up your portfolio of work by creating some original stories, ideally something that will grab children’s attention! Then apply for paid positions in libraries or schools. Anyone can be a kids storyteller, but not everyone is good at it! Good luck!