When a woman decides to breastfeed her baby, she is faced with various factors. Among them is whether or not she wants to breastfeed at all. There are several benefits to breastfeeding, including that it’s good for the baby, which means that many mothers see no need to supplement breastfeeding with bottles or formula. Breastfeeding is an essential and natural experience for new mothers. However, breastfeeding is a common problem for plenty of people. The issues and complications behind breastfeeding are dehydration, poor latch, engorgement, plugged ducts, letdown, oversupply, pain, mastitis, and many others.

Breastfeeding provides many benefits to babies and also to mothers. Breastfeeding gives you more than a good meal. It’s a way to heal the world and connect with your baby’s experience. Breastfeeding can help you feel stronger, healthier, and more connected to the rest of the world. It can also help you lose weight and feel better because breastfeeding keeps your weight under control.

Prachi Datar Pendurkar
(Prachi is India’s first Holistic Sleep coach. She has qualified from OCN, London.) ​

She is an advanced certified Lactation professional. Has first hand experience in Kangaroo mother care and is a certified Baby-wearing educator

She has been working with new parents since 2016. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant, she took up this route as she is passionate about the early years of parenting

practices. Her unique skill set and experience of mothering twins in a nuclear set up, adds a lot of value to her advice.

How to find out whether you are having Lactation problems or not?

Breastfeeding is also a very private experience and is an excellent source of bonding between you and your baby. There are numerous benefits of being a lactating mother, out of which one of the most important is the fact that breast milk provides your baby the best nutrition. No other food has been proven to be as beneficial to a child as the milk your body produces. While many women abstain from breastfeeding because they get too busy, many people opt to discontinue breastfeeding because they believe it’s not convenient. But should you give up on breastfeeding, you will have to find a milk supply counselor, which can be time-consuming and costly.

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