Little Elly Environment

“Little Elly” uses the best qualities of the nation’s best preschool curriculums to develop the most innovative and learning-acceptive environment. A happy environment with basic skills, knowledge and concept rooms influence a child’s development, and experiential learning prevails in all concept rooms. Our programs are designed to foster every child’s social, aesthetic and motor skills. We develop age-appropriate, activity-based learning for the child’s overall development.

Student/Teacher ratio: 18:2

Montessori & Waldorf Methodologies

“Little Elly” amalgamates two unique educational approaches that are carefully designed to expose a child’s learning experiences with various materials. The Montessori method mainly encourages children to begin sensory development, recognition, and practical skills. By dedicating a portion of our curriculum to the Waldorf method, Children will always be presented with opportunities to explore nature and express themselves. This helps the teacher adapt to every student’s style.



Our fun preschool programme covers over 80 skills and concepts through activities, books, music, puzzles, posters and games. Designed for the age group of 1 – 6 years, children enjoy the exciting adventures of the Natterjack forest and the Elly world, encouraging them to LOOK, READ, MAKE and DO with “Little Hoot” and “Little Elly”, the child’s learning companions. As an imported English programme, it promotes good pronunciation throughout the learning journey at “Little Elly”.



Child-centred, autonomous and paced learning is drawn considering if all students have fully absorbed and understood the concept taught, unlike in traditional classroom. The teacher provides children with opportunities to learn independently and from one another, creating an environment that naturally encourages the child to continue learning where he left off earlier at his own pace. At “Little Elly Play School”, we ensure that all the students are learning and are reaching their highest potential. We strongly believe in “Every Child Can Learn”, but not just not on the same day or the same way. 


Holistic approach 

 Little Elly emphasizes the importance of children’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, particularly in early childhood. For observation, identification and fostering of young children’s abilities, emphasis is also laid on the intelligence theories of Gardner and Bloom, and we have tools developed based on the multiple intelligences. We use these tools for a differentiated and connected approach.

                     Choice of Programs

  • Bright Babies                (6 – 12 Months)
  • Inquisitive Toddler I     (1 – 2 Years)
  • Inquisitive Toddler II    (2 – 3 Years)
  • Inquisitive Toddler III   (3 – 4 Years Onwards)
  • After School Care          ( Upto 12 Years)

Admissions open for 2022-2023

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