Nutritional Foods For Kids


Food is not always nutrition. Satiating hunger in some way is possible for sometime as just about anything we throw in our system can make us full. But are there any nutritional benefits to what we are having?

Specially for small children and young adults, nutritional requirements can take a back seat and eventually result in health problems. 

It is always a good idea to be aware of our requirements so that we can control our intake and change our eating patterns whenever required. 

Parents need to be cautious and engage in the food habits of children like everything else.

Dietician’s recommendation for nutritional requirement of growing kids

A very relevant quote for today’s theme, You want your children to flourish and nourish their bones and muscles with proper supply of CALCIUM (Ca) & MAGNESIUM (Mg).

Nutritional Food List

Calcium is the most IMPORTANT & ABUNDANT mineral in the human body.

Major framework of skeleton is formed during childhood years & Ca plays a vital role in forming solid framework of healthy bones & teeth 

Normal daily dose of Ca is 220-270 mg for children


Magnesium acts as SUPPORT& MULTIPLIER to Ca action

Mg helps Ca uptake in body, Ca DIGESTION & FUNCTIONING

Mg helps in normal functioning of NERVOUS & MUSCULAR SYSTEM 

Normal daily dose of Mg is 40-50 mg for children


To maintain the Ca levels in children, make sure they consume 


-1 bowl Dals, Pulses & Legumes

– Nuts & seeds

– Millets

 through their daily meals 


Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surprise strategy. The returns are incredibly higher. -Anne M. Mulcahy


Dietician Recommendation:

Unfortunately, the Ca & Mg daily requirement is not fulfilled through daily diet, hence CHEWABLE TABLETS can be considered as a good alternative

Prefer use of Organic Products are naturally flavoured

Always check LABEL INFORMATION thoroughly.

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