Want to make your day easy, fun and organised with kids? well we all do…. 

Time spent well with kids makes your bond stronger and you can understand them better, which is so very important ( parent-child relationship, why is it important)

There are a few tips and tricks to do that in various situations. We have frequent as well as rare occasions involving the kids throughout our lives. Like Birthdays, Travels, School activities, Extracurriculars and many more. 

Being prepared and planning things out makes it an easier and smoother for sail…

Let us check out a few common events and make it fun with a little preparation…

1. Checklist when travelling with a baby

Travelling with babies or children need planning and organisation if you do not want to get hassled in the journey. 

Kids can be unpredictable and make your journey one!

But you can have a smooth ride most of the time with a few tips and tricks.

Check out the list of things that you could do to make your journey fun, memorable and hassle free with your child…

2. How to plan a birthday party

Starting from the very first year, birthday parties of your child will be most likely an annual event you need to plan every year. These days will become memories to cherish for you and your child in years to come. 

Make sure you preserve some birthday party moments and relive them in times to come

(DIY ideas for childhood memory keepsakes)

Though not every year birthday parties for kids needs to be a grand event, the first birthday surely will be.

There have been trends in some families to make birthday parties a grand one evry 3 or 5 years. ts a personal choice.

However you want to plan the party, especially when it involves kids, you need to focus on certain things to make it less stress-free.

Remember, handling many kids and keeping them happy through out the party may not be easy always!

Birthday parties are memories you and your child will cherish always…so its a good idea to put some thought, plan and execute this annual event neatly and make it worth remembering!

Also many of your guests for this party would be repeat guests every year. Your child’s friends and their parents would love a party once a year thats well organised and fun.

Here are a few pointers to remember to make your kid’s birthday parties something to look forward to….

3. DIY ideas for childhood memory keepsakes

Childhood memory is precious. As parents you can preserve some of these priceless moments and keep them forever. 

Parents miss their kids baby days and fondly look back after many years…

Whether is a travel for vacation or a birthday party or a movie date with you kid, you can make it memorable to cherish later…

Grown up children love to look back to their baby days too… if you can give them back some of these priceless moments, it will be a joy!

There are some beautiful “childhood memory keepsakes” ideas that you can easily do yourself and be happy!

Do give a try to some of these and you will keep starring at them years later….and your children will love them too…

Do give a try to some of these and you will keep starring at them years later….and your children will love them too…